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Comics by April Malig, who has a store.

(I ganked the second photo off of Annie Koyama’s instagram. Thanks Annie!)


SPX was my first con after moving to New York, so for awhile it was more like STRESS-PX. You’d think that New York would have a ton of places to buy non-wedding paper (the colors! too classy, where’s my hot pink 11X17 cover stock paper? Jeez).

Anyway, after that adventure, Sasha and I headed down to Bethesda after work, fizzy cola gummies and kimbap in our bellies. We came in too late for the pizza exhibitor party, but got drinks (and maybe slightly tipsy) at Chili’s instead with a bunch of CCS folks.

It was fun tabling with my crew: Sasha, Laurel, Joyana surrounded by some fellow CCS-ers in our K-Block. I’m not going to lie this is my favorite con moment: I was wearing a sequined tank top and light came into my room in the early afternoon making me a discoball. But anyway, comics! Thanks to everyone that came by and said hi, everyone I met, and to my friends: I love you.

Here’s what I got:

Frontier # 2 by Hellen Jo - badass girls doin’ shit and fuckin’ shit up. Yeah. Published by Youth in Decline . Ryan Sands is a really nice guy!

Little Tommy Lost by Cole Closser - Cole is a good friend, his comics are beautiful, Annie Koyama is always a delightful person. Enough said.

Hi Res by Coleman Engle, Nick Sumida, and John Lisle - beautiful risographed fantasy fashion spreads. So impressive. I’m hella jealzies.

Dog City #2 edited by Luke Healy, Simon Reinhardt, and Juan Jose Fernandez - ok, this might be nepotism since these guys are buddies and I let them use some of my paper to print this, but like, a gazillion copies in a nice screenprinted box? Wowzers. I especially like the comics by Connor Willumsen, Jon Chad, and (!!!) Steve Bissette.

Hawaii 1997 and A Farmer’s Dilemma by Sam Alden - Sam Alden is a) super talented and b) super nice and c) great in general.

SF #1 by Ryan Cecil Smith - it was also really great to meet him after seeing his work around forever. A halftoned delight from a really nice guy (who came all the way from Japan!)

There’s been a big resurgence in shoujo manga themed works (aww, we’re all coming into our own). I loved these two works (and the trio it made with Magical Bitches):

Zodiac Starforce by Paulina Ganucheau & Kevin Panetta - so adorable. The webcomic is also super beautiful, you guys.

Magical Beatdown by Jenn Woodall - a magical girl beats the shit out of dudes in fluorescent risographed (?) glory. Amazing. 

I have a bunch more comics to write about. Specifically ones by Sophie Goldstein, Dan Rinylo, Amelia Onorato and many many more! Maybe I’ll do a part II?

Anyway, if you missed me at SPX I can be found here and you can buy my comics at my store here.

  • 17 September 2013
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